Vitor Avancini

07/03/2020, 2:53 PM
Hello everyone, anyone have an idea on how to write a GQL query for marking as success upstream tasks? What i'm trying to do here is to run a dag from a specific task forward. I had bug in my code, fixed id, registered a new version, and now I have to rerun the dag. The thing is that alot already succesful tasks would ran again It takes almost one hour to run again.


07/03/2020, 3:04 PM
Hi @Vitor Avancini I don’t have a mutation off of the top of my head but using
in some capacity should do the trick (if you know the task run IDs) and outside of that there are a couple other methods you could use to avoid having to rerun parts of the flow again: Using targets to cache results of specific tasks would prevent them from having to rerun again even between registrations (given that the data at the target location still exists). File-bases storage (which feeds into the Hot Reloading Flow concept) would prevent you from having to reregister your flow if an error occurred and instead would pull the updated code when restarting from failed in a flow run. (this is a new feature and still under development to be expanded to other storage options besides GitHub)

Vitor Avancini

07/03/2020, 3:05 PM
that sounds alot better, thanks josh, will look into it