Hi lots, I know I have asked this question before ...
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Hi lots, I know I have asked this question before in a previous thread. But I still have the problem that the (Core) Prefect Docker containers get a default name (in my case it is temp_xxx). I start the server application with "prefect server start". But I cannot find any parameters to influence the Docker Container name. Background is that I want to erase the Docker Container (by name) before each start for development reasons in the development environment. Thanks in advance.
Hi @Kai Weber I’m hesitant to add an option to set name to the CLI command since some of the functionality might be changing soon but to accomplish what you’re after you could grab the same docker-compose.yml file that the
server start
command uses https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/master/src/prefect/cli/docker-compose.yml then add the container names and run
docker-compose up
to start the server.
Hi @josh Thanks for the message. And I think I got you. Until I have the right insight, I'm not going to mess around with configuration files. I was hoping there'd be some sort of software switch as a parameter.