Hi all, where can I find more information about ho...
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Hi all, where can I find more information about how to run prefect from a container? The docs only show how to start a python interactive shell but how do I start the server or agents etc?
Hey, there is this really nice end to end introduction by Laura on how to set up your execution layer on GCP, live yesterday :


It comes with a companion guide : https://coda.io/@laura-lorenz/setting-up-your-execution-layer-a-companion-guide/static-dask-cluster-in-gcp-with-helm-3 Was very helpful to me 🙂
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Awesome thanks
That was really interesting. So you need a dask instance that prefect cloud talks to? I thought that would be included in the prefect cloud.
Or is that only if I want to use dask? (I'm in very early days just trying to figure out if it fits my use case...)
Nope that’s only if you want to use dask @Jorge
Thanks for the info 😊. So is it correct to say that prefect cloud is a SAAS instance of prefect core? (Where I can run flows locally or use an executor to talk to something bigger like dask) And prefect server is a part of prefect core? (additionally to the postgres, graphql and other bits that get instantiated)
I think that’s a fair characterization. Prefect Cloud is a hosted and managed version of Prefect Server which also includes security and team-centric tools like auth, token management, teams (and team management), audit trails, and read only users.
If you’re just getting started, Prefect Cloud’s free version is what I’d recommend; it really simplifies the process and lets you get started writing and executing workflows right away, without worrying about server deployment and networking.