Is there a way to specify that the kubernetes agen...
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Is there a way to specify that the kubernetes agent should set certain environment variables (particularly from a kube secret) in the pods that it creates?
I tried starting it with the
option but that didn't seem to transfer to the pods that it starts
Actually I think I figured this out, nvm
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Hey Matt. Did you sort this out? I'm having similar problems where I set the environment variables using --env but I can't seem to access them from within the flow running on a Kubernetes agent I'm running my agent using
prefect agent install kubernetes --api "<>" --rbac --resource-manager --env DB_HOST= --env CRUNCHBASE_API_KEY=XYZ | kubectl apply -f -
Unfortunately I've moved away from this configuration method so I don't remember what I had to do to get it working, I think it was something related to the
prefix on the environment variables
Hey Matt. Thanks for your response. I logged it with Chris W and he's applied a fix. 🙂