Hey there - does anyone know the minimum version o...
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Hey there - does anyone know the minimum version of cloudpickle required for prefect? I suspect I have a version mismatch, as am getting
unsupported pickle protocol: 5
as an error on deserializing a flow inside an image that has
in it. FWIW it serialized fine from inside the same image.
Hi @Matt Wong-Kemp prefect has the requirements of cloudpickle set to
cloudpickle >=0.6.0
. This is definitely a mismatch issue! Is there a chance you could also check your local version of cloudpickle? Follow up: are you serializing your flow locally on the same python version that your container is running? I feel like I have seen this issue when my container has a newer python version as compared to my local machine 🤔
so that's what I was thinking, but I wasn't seeing that. Trying to sort out some deeper issues with the execution right now (I got that by manually running a kubernetes job with the right permissions) but will dig more.
The way I serialized the flow was to boot into the runtime image using a VSCode devcontainer - I'm not convinced that I've made everything match up perfectly there.