I want to run a registered flow with `prefect run...
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I want to run a registered flow with
prefect run serer --name flowname
but I need to set a parameter for this run. Is this possible?
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(process_delete_events__staging) dylanhughes@Dylans-MacBook-Pro-Prefect ~/d/f/d/process_delete_events__staging> prefect run server -h                                                                                                                     process-delete-events
Usage: prefect run server [OPTIONS]

  Run a registered flow with Prefect Server

      --name, -n                  TEXT        The name of a flow to run [required]
      --version, -v               INTEGER     A flow version to run
      --parameters-file, -pf      FILE PATH   A filepath of a JSON file containing parameters
      --parameters-string, -ps    TEXT        A string of JSON parameters
      --run-name, -rn             TEXT        A name to assign for this run
      --watch, -w                             Watch current state of the flow run, stream output
                                              to stdout
      --logs, -l                              Get logs of the flow run, stream output to stdout
      --no-url                                Only output the flow run id instead of a link

  If both `--parameters-file` and `--parameters-string` are provided then the values passed
  in through the string will override the values provided from the file.

  File contains:  {"a": 1, "b": 2}
  String:         '{"a": 3}'
  Parameters passed to the flow run: {"a": 3, "b": 2}

  Returns:     - flow_run_id (str): the flow run ID if the flow run
  completes     - None: if flow or flow run canot be found

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.
It is!
So if you need help with any prefect cli command, just type
for the help menu
In your case, you can provide either a
or a
@Sven Teresniak
thats easy! and very nice! my fault was that i just did
prefect run -h
Yup, understandable
Our pattern is that every sub-command has its own
So check for all the help strings! haha
prefect is very very nice. we have our first prototype running and prefect will really help our company. ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you! Weโ€™re glad to hear it =]