Hi - Under what scenarios would a flow take longe...
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Hi - Under what scenarios would a flow take longer to run locally with the DaskExecutor than the LocalExecutor? Is to many small tasks one of them?
Hi @itay livni - this is usually caused by two things: - having lots of small, fast tasks - exchanging large data between tasks Specifically, the slow down is typically caused by serialization overhead in sending data to / from the dask workers. We have identified a few ways of speeding this up under the hood, so those improvements should be coming out in the next week or so!
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@Chris White Is
faster? On one flow I have seen 10 to 30% improvement in runtime performance. ~18 sec to ~13.
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yup it sure is! we simplified some of the information we were passing around, resulting in faster serialization times and a little less code
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glad you noticed 😄
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