Hi everyone. I have a question about creating dete...
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Hi everyone. I have a question about creating deterministic flow run names. I am working on a flow that will have a schedule with up to 18 clocks. If you are wondering why that many, here is some background. This flow pulls data from a reporting API that is organized around data bundles and different granularities (daily, weekly, monthly). Not all combinations are valid but I have identified 18 valid ones so far. Since each combination is available at different times with different frequencies, we need different schedules for each combination of parameters. The flow structure/logic is the same for all the combinations so it makes sense to have a single flow. Is there a way to define flow run names based on a combination of parameters and
More generally it would be great to be able to use context + parameters to define the flow run name.
Hi Pedro, this is a valid use case, but not one that we currently support unfortunately. I've opened an issue for it here: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/3010
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