Hello, i just implemented the new LocalEnvironment...
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Hello, i just implemented the new LocalEnvironment, with a LocalDaskExecutor, but as result i've got a new problem. My context's modification are no longer shared between the different task/functions of my flows. My understanding is that they are each in their own thread and not communicating with each other. Is there a solution to that problem, aside from no longer using dask ? Ps : I'm not expecting context to be shared instantly between task executed in parralels. I'm setting context at the beginning of my flow execution, and towards the end several steps after.
Hi Florian, context updates made before running a flow should work fine, but during flow execution you shouldn't rely on the context to pass things between tasks. If you're doing the former and things aren't working, then that might be a bug.
Ok i misunderstood then. I thought context was made specifically for sharing stuff during flow execution. I guess it's time to rewrite my code.. Thanks for the answer.