I’m trying to run a flow.. but getting stuck in pe...
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I’m trying to run a flow.. but getting stuck in pending. My flow is getting registered with a hostname as a label which I presume is my issue, but I can’t figure out how to not have that label
Hi @Doran you can disable the default hostname label on your flow when you register with:
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flow.register(add_default_labels=False, ...)
Ahhh yep, that is it. Thank you.
The hostname label is there when using Local storage to prevent other agents running on other machines from pulling the flow since it is stored as a local file
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I see, that makes sense. I was searching all over the docs and didn’t see a mention of that; thank you! been struggling with this for longer than I’d like to admit.. 🙂
We’re always looking for feedback and ways to improve the documentation! Not sure if you have seen it but here’s a page on the various storage options you have available 🙂 https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/execution/storage_options.html
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