Hey guys, I have what might be the first “change o...
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Hey guys, I have what might be the first “change of behaviour” between 0.12.X and 0.13 🙂 I was mid update of the EC2 instance we host Prefect Server on, and looks like the prefect install pulled 0.13.0, which is great, apart from one minor flaw - my deployment script doesn’t work anymore. Previously I was able to get the Prefect Server instance to talk to itself over graphql by setting the following env variables before running
prefect backend server
&& `prefect server start`:
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export PREFECT__CLOUD__API=http://$(curl <>
export PREFECT__SERVER__UI__GRAPHQL_URL=http://$(curl <>
where the above curls evaluate to the public IP of the EC2 instance, and then previously the various containers would be able to talk to the graphql container, but it’s not working since the update to 0.13.0. Instead, in the UI I now get the following:
Couldn't connect
Any suggestions? Different env vars needed, something else?
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Hi @Darragh! I think these ENV vars have changed
I’m looking to see what the new values are
Thanks Dylan!!
I think this should give you an idea about your new configuration variables
You can set up a
just like your prefect user config
and manipulate any of these
is your new prefix I think
Thank Dylan, I'll try replace the prefix in a few minutes and let you know how it goes!
@Dylan I changed
, should that have done it? Cos I’m still seeing the same issue..
Hi @Darragh, I’d try to enact a change on your local machine using a config.toml and then try to produce the corresponding env var
Hi Dylan, don't worry for now, I've gone back to 0.12.6 for the moment 👍
Makes sense!
I’ve passed along the feedback to the team that we need a configuration doc for the new server 👍