Hi there, I have a task that is being wrongfully e...
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Hi there, I have a task that is being wrongfully executed multiple times despite only showing up once in the flow. Has anyone had this issue before? Edit: I'm using Prefect 0.13.1, with Dask 2.22.0, LocalEnvironment with DaskExecutor
Yes I have the same issue. Might be this issue: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/3124
@Michael Ludwig thanks, looks about right! I'm using DaskExecutor, not LocalDaskExecutor, you said in the issue you didnt have problems with that executor? My setup:
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flow.environment = LocalEnvironment(
                    "minimum": args.min_workers,
                    "maximum": args.max_workers
We use LocalDaskExecutor and had problems with that. I think the other ones don’t have this issue. But also the newest version released yesterday I think has this fixed. We stopped using mappings for now because of other unsolved issues, so I can’t tell for sure