Hello, how can I reuse a flow? I have a function t...
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Hello, how can I reuse a flow? I have a function that takes in a list of items and build a flow using those items (I don't use prefect parameters currently). I want to deploy 2 versions of that flow (they will be different since the item list will be different) . I do change the name each time but it seems like they're both being considered as the same flow and replace each other.
Hi Alex, I'm not sure I understand your issue here. Can you provide some example code to show what you're doing?
Here's a snippet:
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``` demo.py
def get_flow(
    with Flow(flow_name, state_handlers=state_handlers) as flow:
        for feed in all_feeds:
            if feed.do_x:
                x = DoXTask(
                    task_args=dict(name=f"XTask: {feed.feed_name}"),
                latest = x
            # build more conditional logic, use latest as upstream
    return flow

name = CLI[0]
feeds = build_feeds(name) # list of classes
flow = get_flow(name, feeds)
I'm running
python demo.py alpha
python demo.py bravo
I'm expecting 2 flows alpha and bravo but instead, alpha is getting replaced by bravo (with a version increase)
Provided the output of
is indeed a flow with different names for different runs, you should have two separate flows registered (flows are unique per
(project, name)
tuple). Are you sure your flows are being generated with different names?
Yup, I just double checked. When I clicked on archived, I see
with version 7. The current one is
with version 8
Both their names start with the same prefix though eg.
DemoETLFlow - alpha
could that be an issue? Also they're both registered to the same project and have different schedules
@Jim Crist-Harif I've figured out the issue, initially, I was using the`version_group_id` when deploying my code. I did remove it, but it seemed that prefect still defaulted to the same
for the flows, forcing the flows to overwrite each other. Clearing the prefect postgres directory and restarting prefect server resolved the issue.
Thanks for your help!
Glad you figured it out!