:dancer: Just arrived! Love it that I am a part of...
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💃 Just arrived! Love it that I am a part of something so awesome. I am new to Slack and Open Source contributions. Can someone perhaps help me to get started to contribute to this project?
Welcome 😊 . Im no mega contributor myself, but here is my 2c: • Check out the development section in the official docs: https://docs.prefect.io/core/development/overview.html . It is a pretty thorough explanation of the various contribution rules, and why they are implemented. • Join #prefect-contributors , there are often contributor live events posted there. Also check out prefects youtube channel. @Laura Lorenz usually livestreams about the development of the UI and server features, and they are a joy to watch. • Just enjoy using prefect, and you are bound to find something you want to see in the project. Prefect is the starting point of my (hopefully long and glorious) open source contributor life, and has been a blast so far. Hopefully you will feel the same.
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Welcome @Aditya Mandke! @emre’s suggestions are 💯
Thanks a lot @emre! Will definitely go through the documentation and check out @Laura Lorenz’s youtube channel. Thanks again!
Thanks @Jeremiah! It's great that you are encouraging young devs like me!
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Thanks for the nice shout out @emre :) Welcome to the community @Aditya Mandke, if you a new to open source entirely I recommend some live-streams we did at Scipy 2020, in particular this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMPaCpAiSuLZ0yPyUo0O9rw and def come say Hi in the contributors channel like @emre suggested!!
Will check out the channel @Laura Lorenz! Thanks! I must say I am absolutely awestruck seeing the helpful nature of everyone here.
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