I have a flow that appears to be running and then ...
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I have a flow that appears to be running and then it fails with this message, however, I don't think it is failing.
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No heartbeat detected from the remote task; marking the run as failed.
Hi @Richard Hughes! This is happening because Prefect Cloud is expecting the Flow to update its heartbeat every 30 seconds. When it missing 4 heartbeats, Cloud decides that something has happened to the flow
Double-check to make sure your Flow can communicate with Cloud in its current environment
It will need to be able to make calls to
If other updates are getting to Cloud (logs, state updates, etc) and you believe the flow is working as expected, you can turn heartbeats off via the flow settings in the UI
I am currently running server on local, I am still waiting for our Enterprise Cloud server.
The same architecture pattern is in place for server 👍
Can your flow communicate with your Prefect Server instance?
@Dylan looks like it is communicating with the server, unless the flow finishes and then it still thinks it is running, where do I find the flow settings?
Do you get any task run updates?
Or logs from running task runs?
Or does the flow enter a running state and then stall out?
Ah it’s cloud-only, my mistake
@Dylan thanks, I will look into this one.