I'm on the developer tier, why is it my flows are ...
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I'm on the developer tier, why is it my flows are stuck in scheduled for a long time sometimes? I don't have anything else taking up a concurrency slot
Seems to occur if I cancel a run
Then new runs aren't scheduled for a while
Hi @William Smith Thanks for the update and for mentioning that it happens when you cancel a run. That helps explain the mystery of what was holding up your runs: When you cancel a run, it enters a cancelling state while it cancels all task runs. Because cancellation is complex, it can sometimes take a while. Cancelling is a Running state, which means it would count towards flow concurrency limits.
I have an idea of how we can show this better on the UI now so thanks again for raising it.
Ah OK, makes sense, thanks for getting back to me
I do find this still happens even though the state has been set to cancelled though
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Hi @William Smith - I was able to recreate your issue and I think we've found the cause. It should be fixed for you soon. Thanks for making us aware of it.
To follow up - you should no longer see those delays between flows or have flows unexpectedly stuck in scheduled. If you see any issues moving forward, please let us know. Hope you can now enjoy using Prefect!
Oh great, thanks for letting me know! Appreciated
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