Hello everyone, After upgrading from `0.12.2` to ...
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Hello everyone, After upgrading from
a connectivity issue came up with the graphql component. Prefect server is running in a different server but the graphql url remains
was working great with version
but now I can't find any way to configure the graphql url properly. Below you will find the `config.toml`:
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$ cat ~/.prefect/config.toml
level = "INFO"

url = "<>"

host_port = "6543"

SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL = '<https://hooks.slack.com/services/xx/XX/Xx>'

graphql_url = "<>"
In the image you can see a POC of the case. I'm a lit bit confused about the old and the new way to configure the prefect server. Have you any idea about this issue? If this issue has been already reported, feel free to delete this message. Thanks in advance.
feel free to answer in this SO question in order to enrich prefect's public resources
@psimakis Can you try the following URL (instead of http://localhost:4200/graphql):
Oh wait, I realize that it may not be what you are asking. What works for sure is changing that URL in the homepage itself. Not sure how that would be in the config file though.
By homepage, I mean here:
In your case, the Prefect Server GraphQL Endpoint will be different (i.e.
Hi @psimakis - I think this discussion and ticket are about the same question: https://prefect-community.slack.com/archives/CL09KU1K7/p1597156144314400 The simplest way to update the server url, as Pravin Dahal mentioned, is to update it in the homepage of the ui.