Has Prefect ability to Integration with Databricks...
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Has Prefect ability to Integration with Databricks/ability to orchestrate Databricks jobs? Please confirm
Thanks @Chris White.
And also we are researching on following Requirement/Evaluation Criteria. Can you please confirm on Prefect stand 1. Emit notifications/errors to DataDog 2. Flexibility in supporting complex workflows
3.Hosted or runs on K8s
4.Import/Export Capability 5.Industry Usage/Recruiting Considerations 6.Language bindings - must support Python 7.Must be platform independent (agnostic of cloud provider) 8.Orchestrate jobs between cloud and on-prem 9.RBAC 10.Safe testing environment and deployment managed through CI/CD 11.UI Experience for Non-Engineers (Need to define expectations for different roles – not looking for drag and drop composition of workflow, just monitoring execution and looking at history)
Hi @Karthikeyan Rasipalayam Durairaj - this sounds like a more extended conversation than I can provide in Slack; you should send an email to
with your inquiries and we can set something up to get you the information you need!
Thanks @Chris White
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