does anyone have a way to register a prefect flow ...
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does anyone have a way to register a prefect flow from within a docker container? its using docker as storage, so do i need to use a docker in docker image and then add prefect to that? so far im just having to do it locally on my machine and other people are running into dependency problems of course
Hi @Thomas La Piana - if you're calling
from within a docker container, it'll need to have access to a docker daemon if you're using docker storage. That means either docker in docker or exposing the host machine's docker daemon on an accessible port within your docker container. It sounds like your problem isn't with docker, though, but is with dependencies. The most straightforward way to make sure any external dependencies are available is to make them
-installable. Second to that, you can add them to a custom docker image which you use as your flow's base image.
the problem is i don't want to have to worry about my local dependencies when i register a flow, so i'm going with the option of just making sure that the host's docker daemon is accessible from within the container to keep things simple
im trying to keep everything dockerized, and this was the last part I was trying to figure out
got it figured out