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Georg Zangl

09/08/2020, 5:17 PM
Dear Team, my name is Georg, I´m a petroleum engineer, but have worked some time with data management, data analytics and workflow automation. I am not a software developer, more of an advanced user. I have troubles to install Prefect on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 VM and I think I am not alone (btw: I have installed 0.12 previously almost effortless). Potential clients (like me) are fighting for days to install Prefect, which should actually be a matter of some minutes, max. half an hour. I had to find out, that some development packages (GCC and python3-dev) are necessary for a successful pip install, but then failed with a permission error in my virtual environment. Hit the wall - no way to resolve this. So, back to the drawing board. Tried pipenv, didn´t work. then trying without virtual environment, result: prefect: command not found. Guys, if you want this software to be a success, you need to get a deployment manager who makes sure, Prefect can be deployed on a clean machine w/o any troubles. You are loosing clients before you even got them. - Now, CAN ANYBODY PLEASE,PLEASE HELP TO INSTALL PREFECT ON A CLEAN UBUNTU 18.04?
Finally got it running after two hard days 😜


09/08/2020, 6:09 PM
@Georg Zangl, the interactions in this community are governed by a Code of Conduct and I suggest you read it carefully as the tone of your message does not comply with the positive spirit that it requires or that this community has successfully maintained, uninterrupted, for two years. To address your specific points: - your issue was not deleted, it was moved to the appropriate repo for increased visibility. - Your issues appear to stem from a unique combination of Python virtual environment problems rather than Prefect itself; nonetheless I hope our team is able to solve it for you and any future users that encounter a similar setup. We understand how frustrating these types of issues can be, but working through them in a productive and measured way is an important part of the software development process. We are here to help. - And lastly, our team of just 5 engineers strives to provide the best support possible to a public community of 1400 people (and growing!). We are currently catching up on a backlog of work from a long holiday weekend in the US and will address issues as quickly and thoroughly as we can. In the meantime, please be aware that this community, like all great open-source projects, is powered by goodwill and respect and we require that at all times for the benefit of all participants. Thank you for your understanding.
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