Hi there - I am a bit lost when it comes to deploy...
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Hi there - I am a bit lost when it comes to deploying the server ( 😞 ). For those of you deploying Prefect server with a dedicated Postgres database sitting on an external host, how do you do it? Do you just pull out the
, modify it to point to your db and
, or do you pull the whole repo (prefect or prefect_server?), or install prefect via
and pass it a custom
config somehow and spin up your server with `prefect server start`; or do you do something else entirely?
Hi @Leonard Marcq - to use an externally-hosted db you'll most likely need to modify the docker-compose file as you described; I'd also take a look at this page in the docs https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/server/deploy-local.html#database-persistence-and-migrations for some info on custom deployment and https://github.com/szelenka/prefect-server-k8, which is a community-created helm chart.
@nicholas - Great, thank you. I saw the
flag, but am too inexperienced with Docker (or Kubernetes) to dare to use too much of that for production. I just deployed the server on an EC2 and pointed the
to a database hosted on RDS - seems to be working so far. I wish I could deploy it in a more elegant way, I hopefully will give it a try in the future
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