Hello team, How to prevent execution of flows whic...
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Hello team, How to prevent execution of flows which were not run at desired time? It does not matter for me, why it was not run (actually, k8s was down), I don't need these scheduled, but missed runs, to be executed. I'm looking at schedule filters, but it is not clear for me, when filters are called? Before schedule? Before run? If not schedule filter, what should I use?
Hey @Vitaly Shulgin, Looks like your flow was scheduled on an IntervalClock, so applying filters should prevent the execution of flows based on your desired criteria. By attaching filters to your Schedule object, you can tell your IntervalClock to not execute despite it's frequency with event filters like
for example. I think this can be appropriate depending on the Schedule frequency you're intending, but you can also use a CronClock if that's more explicit.