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09/12/2020, 9:14 AM
Hello everyone, I've scheduled a large number of long running jobs (total run time ETA of a few days). Everything was going fine till I've had a large number of jobs fail with the following Last state message
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Failed after exceeding scheduled work SLA
I tried to search the docs but couldn't find anything. I'm guessing (by eyeballing the scheduled time and the finish time) if a flow is waiting to be run in the queue for more than 24 hours, it gets killed? Is this a configurable parameter? With this limitation, I cannot seem to backfill a large number of heavy jobs at once.

Chris White

09/12/2020, 6:02 PM
Hi @karteekaddanki, your guess is correct! Great timing for your question though - configurable SLAs are something we aim to pick up in our next sprint, which will address this and expose some configuration here