Hi Everyone, In prefect cloud - I’m curious if the...
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Hi Everyone, In prefect cloud - I’m curious if there is a way to either restrict what input parameter values can be entered or see what options are available for a flow? I was just looking at your arithmetic example where you’re using a switch to set available math operations to pick from. I guess in prefect cloud, you would need to know ahead of time what options you can use? https://docs.prefect.io/core/advanced_tutorials/calculator.html
Hey @Chris Vrooman - at the moment, you’d have to put the restriction in a task downstream of the input parameter, or write a custom parameter that did the restriction. But enhancing the input experience is top of mind for me right now - even had a PR for datetime parameters merged yesterday. In the future we’ll be looking to enhance the ability to introspect parameters from the UI - perhaps even overriding or applying limits without adjusting your Python code.
Gotcha, thanks for the insight @Jeremiah! That gives me a direction to go in the meantime. I think we would definitely make use of an introspection feature in cloud if it were available.