HI, I'm trying to register a flow using the Client...
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HI, I'm trying to register a flow using the Client class, but getting this error. It seems to be authetnicating properly - am I using the the right api_server URL for the Prefect Cloud? Thank you!
Actually that does look correct
Thanks Jeremiah! I am trying to the Client class to set the api_token and api_server within a Databricks notebook and then use the Client.register() method to register to Prefect Cloud
It works fine form my IDE when I used the CLI locally to register my key and cloud backend
It appears your API token is passing an auth check (it is valid) but not allowing you to view your information. Is it possible you are providing your personal token as opposed to a RUNNER- scoped token?
The local CLI auto provisions tokens for you based on your user token, so that could be the cause
so i need to use the runner token vs. my personal
okay one sec let me check
And sorry - we’re aware that distinction between token types is a confusing one and have active work to make it go away!
I changed the Client(api_token) to my kubernetes runner token
now its giving me auth error, before it was not getting auth error w/ my personal token
oops was a typo in key
okay so now its runnign w/ RUNNER token
getting this:
it does seem to be registering it though in the UI, but still seeing that error
and each subsequent registration of the same flow name is creating a brand new flow vs. a new version
Hm that’s odd. I’m having a look.
thanks for responding on a sunday 🙂 we're about to sign our enterprise contract this week
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Just following up in the public thread: I gave a bad piece of advice earlier to use a
token, I should have said
token. Putting it on my list of reasons we’re rethinking that experience 🙂