Hello! Thanks again for your product! It's amazing...
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Hello! Thanks again for your product! It's amazing! We did installation of Prect Core in AWS and we want to do : 1. SSL certificated added on prefect 2. Have a login page to the prefect UI Do you know where I can documentation about theses 2 points ? Thanks!
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using "big eyes" mean this questions doens't make sense ? 😂
I wouldn't think so. I thought of it as "watching" the question because they are interested in the topic.
Definitely the “watching” answer 🙂
Actually, it depends on you infra but you can 1. install kong with configured auth0 integration, and redirect traffic to your prefect ui instance (or container) 2. use ALB with certificate issued by AWS to point to your kong instance
that's it
there is nothing to do on prefect side
ok thannks