I'm trying to use the files{} parameter with the D...
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I'm trying to use the files{} parameter with the Docker storage class, it says it can take files or directories, however it only deploys if i have a file specified, not a directory. When pointed at the directory I get a "permission denied" error, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11278066/using-shutil-copyfile-i-get-a-python-ioerror-errno-13-permission-denied/11278116 • `files (dict, optional)`: a dictionary of files or directories to copy into the image when building. Takes the format of 
{'src': 'dest'}
Hi Eric, can you confirm that you are running with Prefect 0.13.8? The ability to pass in directories was only added in the latest release, and from your traceback it appears that you are running an older version
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@Eric, are you on windows ?
yes windows sadly (thank my IT department...)
i'm on 0.13.7, let me upate!
welcome to open source.. 0.13.7 to 0.13.8 fixed this, unbelievable. thank you!!!
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thanks @Marvin