Greetings ! Prefect Community Im using the Prefe...
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Greetings ! Prefect Community Im using the Prefect for the first time and trying to figure out how to get the flow to execute on the Prefect Cloud . Here is what I have done. 1. Create RUNNER Token as an Admin user 2. Build a docker container to install the prefect pip pkg and run prefect agent start at the ENTRYPOINT
ENTRYPOINT prefect agent start --token  $PREFECT_RUNNER_TOKEN -l fargate-dev
3. When I run the docker container locally - The Precct agent starts inside the container and can see the output
[2020-09-30 02:53:34,447] INFO - agent | Waiting for flow runs...
4. But the flows registered in the project never start to execute I have RTFM but still missing a link here 😕 Here is the code of my registered flow
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import prefect
from prefect import task, Flow
def hello_task():
flow = Flow("hello-flow", tasks=[hello_task])
flow.register(project_name="Demo",labels = "fargate-dev")
Lets start with the basics, does the agent have a label
Im actually running the containers as a Fargate ECS Service