Can anyone share their strategy for setting up a S...
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Can anyone share their strategy for setting up a Staging-like environment with Prefect Cloud? Given that we only have a single tenant whatever solution we come up with will never truly be totally separate from Production flows, so I was curious what people’s approach is here? I realize that you can do local testing but of course that doesn’t mirror every aspect of the environment when deploying stuff.
Hi @Jacob Blanco! I set my staging flows up in a different project and then I give them a different label,
, so that their runs are picked up by a different agent. This gives them the feel of moving through different environments & you can use environment variables to set your labels in a CI pipeline if you’d like. I also use a different bigquery dataset to persist the data they collect. Since we use kubernetes for execution, this also means I can size my k8s clusters differently and control my spending as appropriate.
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