i'm using a small dask cluster, server flavor, v0....
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i'm using a small dask cluster, server flavor, v0.13.9, localagent. After upgrade to v0.13.10 I cannot start a flow. The agent prints
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[2020-10-07 14:26:37,427] ERROR - agent1 | 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <http://localhost:4200/>
But it is still possible to register flows as usual. I seem them in the UI, too. I switched back to v0.13.9 and the error is gone. I only changed the Prefect version -- no configuration and no flow code. I'd like to provide you with more information about this bug but the agent is ignoring
it seems. Is there any change in the enviroment for the agent? Why can I register flows but not start them?
Hi @Sven Teresniak there was a change that recently went out in the
server docker images that fixes this and you may need to restart your server 🙂
okay, maybe I'm not using the latest version of that image with tag 0.13.10. switching to
imagePullPolicy: Always
works! damn stupid k8s. should use this policy by default. 😞 thanks a lot, @josh 🙂
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kubernetes does what kubernetes does because kubernetes is kubernetes
I have the same error with 0.13.10 on my local machine while using Prefect’s Cloud API. Bad Request, HTTP400 with body:
{"errors":[{"message":"Cannot query field \\"run_config\\" on type \\"flow\\".","extensions":{"code":"GRAPHQL_VALIDATION_FAILED"}}]}
It’s happening AFTER the Agent has found a Flow for Execution. Is this the same error as you had?
@Raphaël Riel looking into this 🤔
@Raphaël Riel I have found the issue (an image needs to be updated to account for this new field) stand by while I get it updated. In the meantime downgrading to 0.13.9 should fix it 🙂
I’m in the process of Downgrading! I’ll keep you posted!
While the subject is started @josh, I would like to suggest that Exception being logged using
or by filling the
param. As with https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/0.13.10/src/prefect/agent/agent.py#L476 This way I would have gotten the whole exception instead of a simple
400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <https://api.prefect.io/>
in my logs.
WDYT? Need/Want an Issue on GitHub?
I don’t actually think updating that line will provide any more information because that error is returned from Apollo in the backend when it receives a malformed GraphQL request
Would you mind actually opening an issue for this on the server repo https://github.com/PrefectHQ/server because it may be a setting we can expose on Apollo!
The text response for the Bad Request returned is what’s put in the `ClientError'`s Message. Getting access to that Exception’s message was my first step in trying to figure out what was going on (Usually HTTP 400 are Client’s Errors, so I thought this was on my side!)
Is the pictured Error’s text is what you want to expose in Apollo?
Oh interesting if it is actually responding with that information then we should definitely raise it! Either an issue or PR would be great 🙂
Also Cloud has been updated with the appropriate fields and you should be good to go back to
Alright, I’ll open an Issue and check if I can pitch in for a PR! Trying to rollback to 0.13.10 at the moment.
All good for 0.13.10
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