Hi (again) :wave: , A question in regards to execu...
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Hi (again) 👋 , A question in regards to execution order of mapped (some of which fail and retry). I observed that with 1 worker on LocalDaskExecutor, if a task fails during the retry wait time, no other mapped task is executed. Is this the expected behaviour and is it possible to have it such that other mapped tasks keep going until the one waiting to be retried is in this “wait” stage? I read through here (https://docs.prefect.io/core/examples/retries_with_mapping.html) and it seems to not address this.
@Dylan can you please help me with this question 🤔 : )
@Newskooler that’s expected
Since you’re using Dask, if you move to more than one worker you should see more mapped tasks being executed
But even with one worker, since in between rest time it’s staying idle, can I not deploy it to try another of the mapped values for the task?
(while doing Depth First Execution - that’s why I use dask)