<@UN6FTLFAS> After I saw that my flow failed last ...
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@nicholas After I saw that my flow failed last night, I tried to restart the flow right now through the Prefect UI. Originally, the flow failed after 15 minutes. I restarted it now (about 12 hours later) and it failed again. And now the Prefect UI says the flow's run time was >12 hours. That is really misleading and it screws with out metrics, since we monitor flow run time to keep track of how long tasks are taking.
HI @Zach - the UI is displaying the duration between when the flow started and when it ended (
on the flow run object); I'd encourage you to use the task run or flow run state history instead to calculate metrics that depend on task run uptime, since this will give you more granular control and agency as to what should be included.
I think we also have a ticket open to expand the run time functionality so that we could have a better opinionated stance on the above - will post it here when i find it
Great thanks 🙂
@nicholas Is there a place to report UI bugs? I have been posting in slack here, but I don't want to make it feel like I am spamming all of you. I really appreciate the help
There is! Feel free to open tickets here; there's also a #prefect-ui channel for UI-specific discussions.
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