Hi! This is Michelle from Hong Kong. Lately, I've ...
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Hi! This is Michelle from Hong Kong. Lately, I've been trying to migrate services from Airflow to Prefect. One of the functions of Airflow we use is Admin > Connections, where we store parameters of different connections (ex. databases). I wonder if there is a similar function to use in Prefect? I've been getting through official documents, viewing concepts of "Secrets" etc., but haven't been able to locate a concrete answer...
Hi Michelle, I believe you can configure
from the Prefect Cloud UI at https://cloud.prefect.io/team/secrets. You can then use the
task from here https://docs.prefect.io/core/concepts/secrets.html#overview. Personally, we don’t use these type of Secrets, we use the EnvVarSecret and then store all the secrets as env vars within our environment (in our case we use a custom yaml for k8s jobs that references all the secrets we need)
Perfect, Thank you!!!