Hi everyone, I am new to:prefect:*Prefect* so may...
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Hi everyone, I am new toP*Prefect* so maybe the answer is trivial but I was not able to find it anywhere. Let's say I have a couple of loading flows that ingest data to DWH. After all, loading flows end I will execute another flow - transformation. Inside this flow i have couple of tasks but before every of this task is executed I need to check that all its dependencies (certain list of tasks in loading flows; not whole flows) passed. I was thinking about using GraphQL requests for this, but you could have better idea. Is there any way how to pass results/states between tasks that are in different flows?
Welcome 🙂 I think you need to use GraphQL for this, your use case seems to be complex enough to necessitate the GraphQL API. You could use
at the end of one of your load flows to execute your transform flow, but your transform flow would still need to detect tasks from other flows. I don’t know of any other way for this other than GraphQL in prefect. I would just attach the
to the end of the load flow that usually finishes last, and wait for other tasks in transform flow via tasks.
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