Has anybody stood up a docker agent on windows pul...
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Has anybody stood up a docker agent on windows pulling from GCR?
Hi @George Coyne - that Docker error tells me there might be an authentication issue with the Docker daemon? It's looking like the agent failed at the
Could you enable verbose logs on your agent? (
Not too much else to add there, the issue is definitely around pulling the flow container.
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Error while deploying flow: APIError(HTTPError('500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: <http+docker://localnpipe/v1.40/images/create?tag=2020-10-27t22-42-21-305568-00-00&fromImage=gcr.io%2FPROJECT_NAME-277818%2Fflows%2Finternal-data%2Faggasetl2'>))
We usually use kubernetes agents but we have a little hybrid/on-prem deployment that is handling a single flow. However the deployment is a bit of a pain.
Environment variable is set with local path for service account file, service account file is encoded correctly and work with gcloud auth. Prefect agent start is mounting the file and setting it in the google_application_credentials environment variable
Hm, got it @George Coyne - could you try starting the agent with the
flag? It's possible you have a bad Docker client config on that machine
Looks like you might have to
docker login
There are windows specific instructions in there, George