Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could give me...
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Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could give me some insights towards if what im trying to accomplish is possible for prefect, I want to automate image capturing/screen shots of currency pair charts on trading view on a time schedule somewhere between once every hour and once everyday.
I haven't been able to find another tool that can snap a photo of the interactive charts at this point, what i'm trying to do is create a data flow for a image predicting model to be able to notify me when there is a trade i should hop into without me ever having to put my attention on trading, so i can make for a very smooth and frictionless trading system
You can use Prefect to schedule a flow which will take screenshots/snapshots on a regular basis by using schedules
If you can write a Python function that can take a snapshot, then you can decorate that function as Prefect
and the use it in a Prefect flow
Apart from prefect you can use UI path for it .
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