Hello, I would like to raise a feature request to ...
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Hello, I would like to raise a feature request to allow ShellTask to return stdout when it fails.
please see this link or the thread for the details
The probem Sometime, the downstream task need to interpret the output of a failed shell task (might be from both stdout and stderr) to handle the the failure properly. In my use case, I use DBTShellTask (which is a subclass of ShellTask) for execute a 
dbt run
 as shell sub-process. I then use another task, called 
, to take the output of the dbt task and handle both success and failure results, such as knowing which models in the dbt-run process failed. When some models fails in a 
dbt run
, those model errors are shown in the stdout, and the shell subprocess returns non-zero exit code (1). The ShellTask raises a FAIL signal without any stdout result. As a result, the 
 task is not able to interpret the log of failed run and not know which model fails, hereby not be able to handle the failure properly. Solution please provide a flag that allows ShellTask to return stdout(or/and stderror) result when the shell process fails and FAIL signal is raised.