Hi everyone, I am using the Prefect Cloud server ...
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Hi everyone, I am using the Prefect Cloud server and trying to run from there a local agent. I authenticated in the CLI and also switched server backend to cloud. 1. I first execute my script by running
python3 get_medium_stats.py
in the terminal which executes these parts in the script…
flow.storage = Local(
flow.register(project_name="Social Media Automation")
As expected I can see that the agent is running in the terminal. Checkin the cloud I can also confirm that the local agent is running:
AGENT ID: 1132a46f-8016-4880-b028-6616487a1785
Finally, also running
prefect get flows
shows the flow that I want to run:
fa7eb2ff-1220-44bd-b302-14fe7f8e3a22  Social Media Automation
However, the flow is stuck in submission and doesn’t execute. However I noticed when I stop the script/local agent in the terminal with
ctrl + c
at timestamp
[2020-11-14 22:49:50,984] INFO - agent | Keyboard Interrupt received: Agent is shutting down.
I can see in the logs in the cloud that the process now kicks off
23:49:52 Beginning Flow run for 'Medium Stats Scraper'
. So it seems that something is blocking the execution 🧐 I would very much appreciate any help, thanks!
Hi Felix, this looks like it would be better served as a GitHub issue; we try to avoid large walls of text in the main channel to prevent crowding out other conversations. Two things you might try in the meantime: - start the agent with
if using
if starting from the CLI - set
to get more verbose logging output from your flow run
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