Hi everyone, Would anyone happen to know what thi...
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Hi everyone, Would anyone happen to know what this below error is referring to? I am running Prefect Server on a remote machine which is authenticated to use docker already and I can confirm that the image exists in GCR. It's able to pull the image successfully, but then later returns an
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[2020-11-17 23:17:14,473] INFO - agent | Pulling image <http://gcr.io/aa-mlops-dev-inm5/prefect-etl-storage:0.1.0|gcr.io/aa-mlops-dev-inm5/prefect-etl-storage:0.1.0>...
/snap/google-cloud-sdk/160/lib/third_party/requests/__init__.py:83: RequestsDependencyWarning: Old version of crypt
ography ([1, 2, 3]) may cause slowdown.
  warnings.warn(warning, RequestsDependencyWarning)
[2020-11-17 23:17:16,498] INFO - agent | Successfully pulled image <http://gcr.io/aa-mlops-dev-inm5/prefect-etl-storage:0.1|gcr.io/aa-mlops-dev-inm5/prefect-etl-storage:0.1>
[2020-11-17 23:17:16,517] ERROR - agent | Logging platform error for flow run f42d17a1-fb46-4556-8253-3b10f5a482e8
[2020-11-17 23:17:16,576] ERROR - agent | Error while deploying flow: ImageNotFound(HTTPError('404 Client Error: No
t Found for url: <http+docker://localhost/v1.40/containers/create',>),)
Gosh darn it - the error was caused by not enough space on the VM. Too many docker images pulled over time and there was no space left. But the error message made it seem like the VM couldn't pick up the docker image from GCR. Nevertheless, once I pruned all the docker images from the VM, I no longer encountered this error.
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Glad to hear you got it figured out @Riley Hun! Hopefully your question and answer will help others in the future.
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@Marvin archive “ImageNotFound error but I know the image exists”