Hi Thanks a lot for the great product! I am workin...
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Hi Thanks a lot for the great product! I am working on porting my microscopy images analysis pipeline to prefect and currently I am not able to visualise custom logs in the UI (the CloudFlowRunner logs are present). I am running prefect server on a local cluster and connect via ssh to port 8080 and 4200 to connect to the UI and the apollo server from my laptop. I also spin an agent using the specific IP
prefect agent local start --api <>
I get IP from the terminal printout of the `prefect server start`command. Using this setup I am able to run flows, however I am not able to catch logs. I tested different server settings in the `config.toml`file but none fixed the issue:
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If I understand how things work (please be patient I am a biologist 🙂 ) the issue is on my side and is caused by a mistake in the identification of the correct IP to use for setting up the system. If it is the case is there a way to predefine the IP where the services are starting? If I am wrong please let me know, any help is appreciated! Below is the toy flow I have been using to test test logging
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import prefect
from prefect import task, Flow, Parameter, flatten, unmapped
from prefect.engine.executors import DaskExecutor
from prefect.utilities.debug import raise_on_exception
from prefect.utilities.logging import get_logger
from datetime import timedelta, datetime
from prefect.schedules import IntervalSchedule

@task(task_run_name=lambda **kwargs: f"testing-logger-writing-logs-{kwargs['x']}-suiname",log_stdout=True)
def wlog(x):
    logger = prefect.context.get("logger")
    logger.debug('i am debugging')
    # logger = prefect_logging_setup('test')
    <http://logger.info|logger.info>(f'start sleep')
    <http://logger.info|logger.info>(f'done sleep')

a = list(range(10))
# with Flow("test_running",schedule=schedule) as flow:
with Flow("logging-flow",environment=LocalEnvironment(DaskExecutor(address='<tcp://>'))) as flow:
    logger = prefect.utilities.logging.get_logger()
    <http://logger.info|logger.info>('this log is generated in the flow')
    out_task = wlog.map(a)

Hi Simone! To have more insight into your issue, can you import context inside of your task instead of using the one at the top of the file and provide an update? So instead of
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from prefect import task, context

def a():
  logger = context.get("logger")
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from prefect import task

def a():
  from prefect import context
  logger = context.get("logger")
Hi. Thanks for the help! I moved the context inside the task but i still cannot see the logs. 😞
if I also set log_to_cloud=true I end up getting the following error when submitting the flow
CRITICAL - CloudHandler | Failed to write log with error: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <http://localhost:4200/graphql>
This is likely caused by a poorly formatted GraphQL query or mutation. GraphQL sent:
query { mutation($input: write_run_logs_input!) { write_run_logs(input: $input) { success } } } variables { {“input”: {“logs”: [{“flow_run_id”: null, “task_run_id”: null, “timestamp”: “2020-11-11T172724.167740+00:00", “name”: “prefect”, “message”: “this log is generated in the flow”, “level”: “INFO”, “info”: {“msg”: “this log is generated in the flow”, “levelno”: 20, “pathname”: “pysmFISH/TestLogger_flow.py”, “filename”: “TestLogger_flow.py”, “module”: “TestLogger_flow”, “exc_info”: null, “exc_text”: null, “stack_info”: null, “lineno”: 40, “funcName”: “<module>“, “msecs”: 167.7396297454834, “relativeCreated”: 3324.2108821868896, “thread”: 139926669195072, “threadName”: “MainThread”, “processName”: “MainProcess”, “process”: 1578312, “asctime”: “2020-11-11 182724+0100"}}, {“flow_run_id”: null, “task_run_id”: null, “timestamp”: “2020-11-11T172724.204183+00:00", “name”: “prefect”, “message”: “done”, “level”: “INFO”, “info”: {“msg”: “done”, “levelno”: 20, “pathname”: “pysmFISH/TestLogger_flow.py”, “filename”: “TestLogger_flow.py”, “module”: “TestLogger_flow”, “exc_info”: null, “exc_text”: null, “stack_info”: null, “lineno”: 42, “funcName”: “<module>“, “msecs”: 204.18262481689453, “relativeCreated”: 3360.653877258301, “thread”: 139926669195072, “threadName”: “MainThread”, “processName”: “MainProcess”, “process”: 1578312, “asctime”: “2020-11-11 182724+0100"}}]}}
The logs defined in
with Flow
block will be displayed only when you are initializing the flow, but you'll not see them during flow execution. I'll try to figure out why you can't see logs from tasks
correct, the ones initialised in the flow are visible when i load the flow.
Hmm, don't see why you can't see the logs from the tasks, I would encourage you to open an issue in Github, this case should be investigated.
sounds good. I will
thanks a lot for the help!
I tested the run using prefect cloud and also there I cannot get the logs
OK i killed the docker daemon and after restarting it and run the code the logs showed up.
I’m having the same issue with running inside Fargate tasks. cannot see the logs even though they are shown in Cloudwatch logs.