Dear community, is there a simple `red button` to...
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Dear community, is there a simple
red button
to stop all running flows or tasks? 🔴 Our task concurrency limit indicates, that some tasks are still running, although no flow is running. So I guess there are some zombie tasks hiding somewhere, that I would like to see stopped. 😮 I am exploring the interactive API, but haven't found a quick way to just
cancel all tasks
Hi @Robin there isn’t currently a way to do this purely in the UI but we definitely would welcome a feature request on the UI repo! I’m also not sure if there is an easy way to cancel all tasks in the interactive API alone. I believe you would need to write something to programmatically do it where (using something like the core Client) you query for all tasks/flows in a running state and then for each ID returned you set the state to cancelled
The query to identify the running tasks seems to work already, but I don't understand yet how to call the
on top of that 🤷‍♂️