Hey all. I'm trying to deploy all our flows automa...
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Hey all. I'm trying to deploy all our flows automatically from Google Cloud Build or GitHub actions in our Prod environment. We use Docker storage for our flows. Has anyone had any luck in doing this? I can foresee a few issues: 1. We will need to run Docker within the Cloud Build container as the
method uses Docker to build the image. I'm not sure if this is possible. 2. We will need to create firewall rules that allow Google Cloud Build to communicate with Prefect server running as a Compute VM. I'd be interested how people are automatically deploying flows from any CI/CD platform.
Hey @Philip Bennett, I can't speak to Google Cloud Build specifically - but there are a few threads here in the community that I think will be useful for your CI considerations like this one (there's a nested thread in there as well).
Thanks - I'll look at these threads
Hi @Philip Bennett this is how we’re doing it. We call this python file in our CI/CD pipeline. It builds the docker image and registers the flows
Thanks Adam - that's really useful and clear to understand. Your Docker in Docker workaround is great - I was struggling to get my head around the Docker-in-Docker scenario!