Have a simialar question to the above ^^ whats the...
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Have a simialar question to the above ^^ whats the easiest way to trigger downstream flows from a completed flow? Use the prefet API to directly trigger?
Which uses the API, but is more convenient =]
This is great for triggering the flow from another flow, I might be on an older version where it’s called
for executing this kind of trigger from outside of prefect, i would just use the client right?
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client = Client()
        flow = client.graphql(query).data.flow

        # verify that a flow has been returned
        if not flow:
            raise ValueError("Flow '{}' not found.".format(flow_name))

        # grab the ID for the most recent version
        flow_id = flow[0].id
        return client.create_flow_run(flow_id=flow_id, parameters=parameters)
how can i get an authenitcated client from outside of prefect context
just pass in api-server and api-token?
That’s right!
The advantage of the `FlowRunTask`/`StartFlowRun` is that you can pass
and then the Task will take on the state of the Flow Run it kicked off (
, etc) and you can take further actions based on that if you’d like
ah great, yeah this is a fire and forget use case
but good to know i could sync call it
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if i wanted to sync call from outside of prefect (lests say i hav ea python cli script that would trigger a flow, does the client create flow run method have a wait param?
It does not, I believe that’s part of the Task logic
for the start flow run task, if a project name isn’t provided is the expectation that the flow that’s triggered will share the project name with the flow that triggered it?