Hi! Quick question, we had flow concurrency for a ...
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Hi! Quick question, we had flow concurrency for a specific label set to 5, we scheduled 20 flows and the first 5 ran for 12 hours (and are still running). We updated flow concurrency for that label to 20 but the remaining 15 flows have remained in the scheduled state. We've confirmed that we can run more than 5 flows concurrently by triggering a brand new flow which gets submitted and run immediately, but we can get those original 15 to submit. Any suggestions?
Hey @Cab Maddux, Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some difficulty here. Mind sending me a couple of Flow Run ids for the flows in
that you expect to be submitted to an agent
You should be able to (like you already mentioned) create new runs but I do believe we should be able to account for this
For sure: 1. 45c75a67-aef8-4c82-b6c7-a641eeed9e29 2. 1f9940f9-be0a-4832-b341-33a360fdd9ae 3. 570764c9-0813-411d-9034-64ceb5c134d2 Just let me know if you need more
Will do, thank you
@Cab Maddux if you go to the UI for these flow runs and press “Run Now” does anything happen?
I get a message that the flow will be run immediately but the flow never gets scheduled. Have tried with a couple of them
Okay thanks
I’m trying to recreate
Hey Cab we’re still investigating, should have an update in the next hour or two
Hey @Cab Maddux, in investigating we can’t seem to recreate your issue just yet. Can you confirm that the flow runs have only the labels you’re expecting?
Also is your agent with the correct label still running?
Feel free to pick up on Monday I know it’s the weekend
Aah! Sorry! Agent label totally got changed in testing some other flows 😞 Thanks!