Aiden Price

11/18/2020, 5:46 AM
Hi again folks, I've deployed server with the new helm chart and everything works when I port-forward. Now I've set up some Kubernetes ingresses to expose the UI and GraphQL endpoints. The special case here is that I need to host these at a path on the domain like so
. But when I try to go to the dashboard it doesn't load, looking at Chrome's console I can see that the page is requesting all its files without my path part, e.g.
. I tried adding the env var
as the full URL and path but it doesn't seem to have changed the behaviour. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.


11/18/2020, 4:35 PM
Hi again 🙂 I removed ingresses because we don’t have the capacity to have to support them yet and didn’t want to include the deployment of an ingress controller. Here’s a commit before I removed them if that’s helpful (but I never got a chance to test it with a custom domain)
I can add a tutorial on how to setup ingresses to the docs but it’s not a top priority. I’d be excited if there was a PR from the community!
After checking in with our team, this issue actually looks related to and I’m not sure it’ll be easily resolved from Helm, hmm

Aiden Price

11/18/2020, 10:22 PM
I see, it's definitely more complicated than I'd thought. Might have to park the URL path idea for a while and what comes of the pull request. Thank you for getting back to me again.