Hi folks, Are there any methods can set the Prefec...
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Hi folks, Are there any methods can set the Prefect Core page like a view of the read-only user, or it just could be achieve via Prefect Cloud? I just want users to read prefect core page like a read-only user. Thanks in advance🙏🏽
Hi Eric, I'm not sure what you mean by "Prefect Core page". Do you mean the UI for Prefect Server? If so, the UI for Prefect Server includes no authentication or concept of "users" - if a user has access to the Prefect Server UI they are permitted to take any action or view any information available. Authentication and permissions are supported via Prefect Cloud alone.
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Thanks, @Jim Crist-Harif. Hm..yes, I mean UI for Prefect Server😅 I'll try to use Prefect Cloud instead, thank you in advance!