Hi everyone, I'm using Prefect Core Server on a C...
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Hi everyone, I'm using Prefect Core Server on a Compute Engine instance on Google Cloud Platform. Even though I specified the backend to be server, it keeps running my flows on the cloud backend. I'm just guessing that this could be the reason why my prefect tasks have failed. i.e. Here are the logs
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[2020-11-18 17:51:18+0000] INFO - prefect.CloudFlowRunner | Beginning Flow run for 'ETL'
[2020-11-18 17:51:20+0000] INFO - prefect.CloudFlowRunner | Flow run FAILED: some reference tasks failed.
Also when I look into the kubernetes pod logs, it references Prefect Cloud.
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[2020-11-18 17:51:22+0000] CRITICAL - CloudHandler | Unable to write logs to Prefect Cloud
Any guidance would be much appreciated!
is a bit confusingly named, it’s actually used to run flows on either Server or Cloud.
Yeah, none of this looks wrong here, things appear to be working properly.