For the Prefect Server Helm Chart, is there a spec...
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For the Prefect Server Helm Chart, is there a specific reason as to why it's not recommended to deploy the packaged postgresql database that comes w/ the helm chart into production? What are the risks involved?
Hi @Riley Hun managing stateful things in k8s itself adds extra complications (you need some persistent storage, helm upgrades need to be done with care to keep the db working properly, etc...), and databases require a bit of tending. Relying on a cloud service or some external db simplifies things.
Thanks @Jenny This is helpful! I wouldn't mind using cloudsql on GCP. I just don't know which parts of the helm chart I need to revise to ensure seamless compatibility. Do you have any hints for me to get started with this? For example, in past projects, I had to create an extra container in the k8s specs to accommodate the cloudsql proxy.
I haven’t tried this out yet so I’m not sure although I know other users are using external databases. Afaik, all you should have to do is set the
externalHostname: ""
as well as the username / password you’re using (preferably using
for the password)
Let me know if you have any issues and I can add to the docs / fix code
Okay - thanks @Zanie. I'll give it a try after I figure out how to protect the apollo endpoint which is what I'm currently struggling with.