Hi, I have a question about a family of built-in t...
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Hi, I have a question about a family of built-in tasks
etc. What is their use case? All of these tasks Read- and Write- counterparts receive
- identifier of the row to be read or written. In our experience there's no such scenario when you need just a single row from table. Even more: there's no way to find out the size of the table. So is anybody actually using these tasks in this specific implementation?
Hey @Andrey Tatarinov the tasks in the task library are community contributed and driven implementations. Their implementation generally arises from a user’s own use case that they then contribute to the library because others could benefit from it as well. I can’t speak much on how the initial user was intending to use them but I could see a scenario in which someone uses Prefect’s mapping feature to spawn out thousands of these tasks to read and write rows individually for large workflows. If you see a route where it would be helpful to have tasks that read/write multiple rows for these services we welcome contributions to tasks in the task library! 🙂
@josh thanks! I think there's a high chance that we will contribute our implementations 🙂
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