Hi! I'm new here, and new to open source/contribut...
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Hi! I'm new here, and new to open source/contributing as well, I'd love to contribute to the project and I've went through the contribution part of the docs, read some good first issues and cloned the repo locally, but I'm still a little lost on how to go about solving any issues. Could someone please help me on getting started?
Hi! Welcome! You’ll want to create your own “Fork” of the repo on github and clone that locally so that you can push changes.
Which “good first issue” are you interested in working on?
Oh, thank you so much! I've created my own fork of the repo now and cloned that instead, as for the issue, I'd like to tackle issue #3687
Great! So you can add something like
exporter_options: Dict[str, Any]
to the init function and run function for the
task then add a test that uses it to
Although honestly since these kwargs aren’t globally applied it seems like it’d make sense to provide an
input and take something preinitialized which perhaps makes this not the best first first issue
Yeah I see what you mean, it'd be a lot more clean to take that approach with it, definitely makes it more difficult but if you'd be willing to guide me through it I'm willing to take it on, unless one of the other first issues would be better, I've looked at issues #3306, #3531 and #1060, though 2 of those seem to be reserved for Hacktoberfest
Well we're past October so those are fair game still! If you want to try 3687 I can walk you through it still but I'll need to check in with a maintainer to make sure we want to do the general exporter implementation I mentioned
I see, in that case I'll look at 3306 while I wait to hear about the approach for 3687, and thank you so much for the help!
Hi again, I finally got around to fixing some of the submodules listed in 3306 and made a PR (3721) , however it threw some errors during testing, I checked the code I changed and the output of the errors and I couldnt point out if I did anything wrong, think you could maybe check it out? This is my first PR ever so I'm not entirely sure if I should mention anyone on there or something else